The Cool Heads backstage at the KID SHOW

In Paris at the KID SHOW we have met the lovely Kiki of the uber cool blog The Cool Heads.

She wrote a lovely piece about her time at the KID SHOW merci for mentioning us on your short list.


Twice a year we will visit Paris for the kid(‘s) shows!
This time we only went to KID.
We have to say,
for us that’s the place to be as a ‘creative journalist’.
We feel very welcome, as welcome as buyers.
Which in the past we didn’t always felt everywhere.
These brands appreciates it,
to get free and independent publicity.

We get chances to see what’s coming up next year.
What will be in stores…We go ‘BACKSTAGE’!

It is such an honor to be allowed
to have a look behind the scenes,
what’s upcoming… What’s the vibe… the colours,
the fabrics, the vision…
All very exciting!

The very happy part is to meet ‘the family’!
All the amazing designers,
dedicated creatives, organizers of the fairs, friends in the business,
collegues and lovely NEW brands and their creative minds behind it.
You feel their passion, their drive. Their sense for all the details.

And so to have the patience, but more important, the respect
to keep it a secret…, is the hard part. Not because we want to talk…
It’s because we want to scream it out loud
and be able to say how very
‘with showing the visuals’.

One thing we can say for now;
Much more colours for the dudes!
Think out-of-the-box, like we do
and experiment with fabrics!
We just love archetype of clothes for boys,
but to give it an own identity
you’ll need to focus on details.


Just keep an eye on…
ONCE boutique
many more will follow soon…

And ofcourse us…  THE COOL HEADS  ?
Because we’re the crazy people
who’ll fly to Paris
to make sure you’ll stay tuned!
(Haha! Blabla!)

To end this tiny little ‘writing-piece’,
we want to give a special thanks to
Anaïs Sidali
and her KID-crew
for making us feel so welcome
in a beautiful area where we find ‘curated’ brands.
Where they make it possible for us
to go back to our business
and feel so impressed, inspired and happy!

Beautiful illustrations/typo:
through FFFFOUND
from Moiré

Anna Cor

The very talented Anna Cor from Berlin allowed us a little peek into here life!
Thanks so much for your time.
Would you mind introducing yourself?

My name is Anna. I am 36 years old, married to my big love Florian with whom I have three kids.
I am a fully trained lawyer but work in the totally different field of
interior // prop // kidswear styling for several years now.

I found your lovely feed by scrolling through IG and I love it.
You have such a good eye for aesthetics, can you please share with us where it comes from
and where you find your inspiration?

For one thing I am sure my parents have an influence on it.
I grew up in a house where there was lots of sense for aesthetics and also for quality.
I grew up sitting on Alvar Aalto chairs eating of TAC Gropius dishes and so on…
That surely leaves traces. And in addition colours have always been so very inspiring for me.

I remember that already as a kid I was obsessed with colours and how they could be combined best.

1b_at home_preparing breakfast 3_detail Rosas room

How does your perfect day look like?

Have a long breakfast with my whole family and then either meet friends to chatter,
eat and drink or leave the city for the woods and fields or the sea…

7_at home befor breakfast 1a_at home_preparing breakfast-1 1d_before breaksfast

I love to travel and especially to Berlin and the best thing that works for
me to explore a city is some tips of locals can you maybe share some
of your favourite spots in Berlin?

Well, there are hardly any secret places in Berlin anymore, but I can tell you where I love to go:
I adore the Botanical Garden in Berlin-Dahlem and I have to say,
Berlin-Dahlem on total is the most beautiful part of Berlin for me.
It´s all green and the streets are wide and there are hundreds of stunning Bauhaus-Buildings.
So if you have time to go to a place away from the center don´t miss out Dahlem.
There is also the Domäne-Dahlem
an old manor where you can have a splendid time when travelling with kids.

14b_on the market _Kollwitzplatz 14c_playground besides 11a. another stop on way to market

Of course most of the Berlin visitors love the urban feeling and like to stay in the center:

Parents and kids can combine Bikini Berlin HTTP://WWW.BIKINIBERLIN.DE ,
the most wonderful c/o gallery HTTP://WWW.CO-BERLIN.ORG/ and a visit to the Berlin Zoo.
Also great: A visit to Boros Bunker, a fantastic private art collection in an old bunker
Afterwards coffee and sweets at the House of Small Wonder
HTTP://WWW.HOUSEOFSMALLWONDER.DE And this really is Berlin I guess:
Sundowner – or with kids more likely – breakfast on a parking lot rooftop:
enter through the shopping mall Neukolln Arcaden on Karl-Marx-Strasse,
take the elevator to the 5th floor and head up the ramp to the rooftop. The place is called Klunkerkranich:
Mon to Sat 10am-midnight, Sun 12am – midnight, HTTP://WWW.KLUNKERKRANICH.DE

Hope you would like to share with us what your biggest goal in life is.

Oh… I think I have many things I´d still like to reach on the professional side.
But the family is just everything. I think my main goal is that the kids always feel loved – no matter what

5b_Rosa playing 4_kids reading books 12_detail






















 The definition of Repose is relaxation and tranquillity… Despite this definition we always seem to be super busy! I know, what a contradiction right! However, I totally love what I do so I really enjoy the business!

Currently at the front of my mind is the upcoming KID show in Paris…

All the preparations are really full on – organising the samples on time, planning the brand shoot and making the look book just to name a few things going on right now!

I am super excited about the new SS17 collection to be unveiled at the KID show in Paris next month.

The KID show will be held at a new location this year: Espace Montgolfiere (25 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris).

I hope to see you all there!



A little interview with one of my all time favorite Tumblr accounts Blanc Pale:

Would you mind introducing yourself?

I am Eve, I live in french countryside, in a really small (yet beautiful) village surrounded by chestnuts trees.I studied art and fashion design, I spent my last year as a student in a great school in Paris and had the chance to work at Sonia Rykiel kidswear studio for a few months. After graduation I started working for a small Hat and accessory brand in Paris.Four years later I became pregnant and we decided to move to a more quiet place. Now my son is two years old, we have embraced our new slow life and I am working on the launch of my own kidswear label Abame.

I have been a big fan of your Tumblr page for a while now. When I start with a new collection your Tumblr page inspires me big time, when did you start with “Blanc pale”? And would also love to know where you get your inspiration from.

I started Blanc Pale during my first year of work, in 2011 I think, I was looking for a platform to collect all the images I found interesting or inspiring. I choose tumblr over pinterset because it makes beautiful infinite pages, it can be like a story to read. It’s funny because I remember very well the first image I reblog, it was a picture of a Rochas ready to wear collection and I still loves it very much. I don’t really “find” inspiration, I literally just tumble over images until I find something beautiful or inspiring.


How do you decide that an image ends up on your Tumblr page?

Usually when I find an image that I like enough I put in in my draft tumblr page. It’s kind of my private collection, then I pick those which fit the aesthetic of the moment, colors, themes etc…
Would love to know what your all time favorite image is.

This is a recent favorite, it’s exactly what I love at the moment:


And what about other Tumblr pages, which ones do you follow and why?

This is an old time favorite, I always find stuff I like:
This one is a new one, it’s different but it makes me dream:

What about your daily life, how does a perfect day look like to you?

Waking up not too early (which is rare with a two year old), drop my son to daycare and work as much as possible in the morning. Have lunch with my husband, go for a run during nap time, bake a cake with my son and have friends over to enjoy afternoon tea. Then family diner and maybe watch a movie!

And the final question, hope you would like to share what your biggest goal in life is.

Nothing fancy, enjoy life with the ones I love and use my hands to create is basically all I want.

 Thank you so much Eve for your time and a little peek into your life and your head.
And do not forget to check out her newly launched kidswear label Abame.





I would like to share with you my favorite inspiration images I have found this week. Believe it or not but very slowly I am starting to think about the autumn/winter collection 17/18, seems so far away but the time goes so quick these days. Every season  I start with collecting images I find on my favorite Tumblr and Pinterest accounts and very slowly the concept of the new collection comes a life.