The definition of Repose is relaxation and tranquillity… Despite this definition we always seem to be super busy! I know, what a contradiction right! However, I totally love what I do so I really enjoy the business!

Currently at the front of my mind is the upcoming KID show in Paris…

All the preparations are really full on – organising the samples on time, planning the brand shoot and making the look book just to name a few things going on right now!

I am super excited about the new SS17 collection to be unveiled at the KID show in Paris next month.

The KID show will be held at a new location this year: Espace Montgolfiere (25 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris).

I hope to see you all there!



A little interview with one of my all time favorite Tumblr accounts Blanc Pale:

Would you mind introducing yourself?

I am Eve, I live in french countryside, in a really small (yet beautiful) village surrounded by chestnuts trees.I studied art and fashion design, I spent my last year as a student in a great school in Paris and had the chance to work at Sonia Rykiel kidswear studio for a few months. After graduation I started working for a small Hat and accessory brand in Paris.Four years later I became pregnant and we decided to move to a more quiet place. Now my son is two years old, we have embraced our new slow life and I am working on the launch of my own kidswear label Abame.

I have been a big fan of your Tumblr page for a while now. When I start with a new collection your Tumblr page inspires me big time, when did you start with “Blanc pale”? And would also love to know where you get your inspiration from.

I started Blanc Pale during my first year of work, in 2011 I think, I was looking for a platform to collect all the images I found interesting or inspiring. I choose tumblr over pinterset because it makes beautiful infinite pages, it can be like a story to read. It’s funny because I remember very well the first image I reblog, it was a picture of a Rochas ready to wear collection and I still loves it very much. I don’t really “find” inspiration, I literally just tumble over images until I find something beautiful or inspiring.


How do you decide that an image ends up on your Tumblr page?

Usually when I find an image that I like enough I put in in my draft tumblr page. It’s kind of my private collection, then I pick those which fit the aesthetic of the moment, colors, themes etc…
Would love to know what your all time favorite image is.

This is a recent favorite, it’s exactly what I love at the moment:


And what about other Tumblr pages, which ones do you follow and why?

This is an old time favorite, I always find stuff I like:
This one is a new one, it’s different but it makes me dream:

What about your daily life, how does a perfect day look like to you?

Waking up not too early (which is rare with a two year old), drop my son to daycare and work as much as possible in the morning. Have lunch with my husband, go for a run during nap time, bake a cake with my son and have friends over to enjoy afternoon tea. Then family diner and maybe watch a movie!

And the final question, hope you would like to share what your biggest goal in life is.

Nothing fancy, enjoy life with the ones I love and use my hands to create is basically all I want.

 Thank you so much Eve for your time and a little peek into your life and your head.
And do not forget to check out her newly launched kidswear label Abame.





I would like to share with you my favorite inspiration images I have found this week. Believe it or not but very slowly I am starting to think about the autumn/winter collection 17/18, seems so far away but the time goes so quick these days. Every season  I start with collecting images I find on my favorite Tumblr and Pinterest accounts and very slowly the concept of the new collection comes a life.