A line skirt Dark Sea Blue

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color: dark sea blue
made out of super soft woven velour with a little bit of stretch
elastic in waistband for some more stretch
two pockets at front and back
95% cotton 5% ea woven velour


It all begins with a tiny ripple.
Insignificant, even invisible, a gentle breeze, blowing and growing on the inside, building up a storm, a rage. Slowly moving to the surface.
A change is gonna come,
You feel it in your bones,
Its time.
To move.
To be the change that makes the difference. Start your own small revolution. From the inside out.
It's time,
To start making waves.
Making Waves is Repose Ams 8th collection. And we wondered, Are we still on our own track?
Where are we going?
Do old ways still carry us?
Hearts longing for a change. Everything we do becomes a memory.
We all leave a footprint behind,
have an impact.
Let’s try to make it a lasting one.