BLOCK - modern day Faraday Cage -black
BLOCK - modern day Faraday Cage -black

BLOCK - modern day Faraday Cage -black

Block is a modern day Faraday Cage. Put your smartphone in it, close the lid, and enjoy your dinner/meeting/movie night without the usual pings, push-messages, and emails notifications.

A stylish black aluminium Faraday cage. One which looks great on office desks, dinner tables, Yoga class floors and so on. It simply blocks Wi-Fi and all other telephone signals from your phone, when you want to.

BLOCK aims to help people find more balance between their analogue and digital lives by functioning as a break from the connected society. The BLOCK design-team thinks this is part of the emerging disconnect-trend and strongly feel that disconnect will become the new luxury.

Why not just switch off your phone?
BLOCK is about more than switching off. Smartphones are designed to be carried first and called with second. Recent studies show that even having your phone visibly nearby will distract you from real-life social engagement and tasks and it can reduce your brainpower. Our credo: out of sight, out of mind. Also consider this question: when’s the last time you switched off your phone? Exactly. We need different solutions to imprint other behavior.
Is my smartphone bad?

Does it work always and everywhere?
It works always when you're inside your home, inside an office or any other building. Only when you’re outside within 100 meters of a very strong cell phone tower without any obstructions between BLOCK and the mast, there’s a small chance of a signal coming through. But even when you're that close to a cell phone tower, BLOCK works 99% of the times. So rest assured, it will work.

Who was Michael Faraday?
A very clever English scientist, living in the 19th century. BLOCK is a simple application of his famous Faraday cage experiment. But he did many, many more experiments in electromagnetism and even developed that first Bunsen brander we all loved in high school. Arguably his best known application of electromagnetic knowledge, the Faraday cage, blocks all outgoing and incoming electromagnetic radiation thanks to a stabilised electron layer. Read more on him here, read this biography or check out this quick video on how a Faraday cage works.

Can BLOCK damage my phone or affect my service?
No, BLOCK can’t damage wireless devices. Service is temporarily interrupted in a passive way, and resumed within several seconds after the phone is taken out of BLOCK. Compare it to entering or exiting areas where there is no reception.

What happens with my phone after I take it out of BLOCK?
It will reconnect to your cell phone carrier and will receive your emails, voicemails, texts, calls, notifications, etc... Similar to what happens after switching off flight mode.

Once inside a BLOCK, will my phone search for a signal and drain the battery?
Putting your smartphone in BLOCK will conserve battery life significantly because your phone will stop searching for a signal once it fails to find one.

What does a caller see while my phone is in a BLOCK?
A caller will be redirected to your voicemail, or hear that standard message from your provider that there's no connection possible.

Measures 17,8 x 8,9 cm
Holds 4-7 smartphones
Made from Aluminium
Made in Amsterdam
Regular price€119,00

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  • Germany and Belgium €6,90
  • Austria, Denmark, France, Luxembourg and Sweden €9,90
  • Japan €19,90
  • Rest of Europe €24,90
  • Worldwide €24,90
  • U.S. €34,90

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