Kapla Octocolor case
Kapla Octocolor case
Kapla Octocolor case

Kapla Octocolor case

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Discover and combine planks in eight beautiful shades to make eye-catching creations! Play with your favourite colours to add contrast to your constructions.

Contains: 100 planks (12 red, 13 orange, 12 yellow, 13 green, 12 light blue, 13 dark blue, 12 pink and 13 purple)



During a trip of the south of France in the late 1960s, Tom van der Bruggen fell under the charm of a neglected farm and decided to turn it into a castle.

To visualise his project, he tried to make a scale model using wooden cubes. However, the cubes were too bulky to make a precise and realistic model, so he decided to create his own construction pieces.

And that’s how KAPLA® was born: the magic plank that can build anything!

Kapla exclusively uses Landes pine from sustainably managed forests of the South-West of France. The wood is natural and the coloured planks are dyed using food-grade colouring to ensure safe play. 

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