24 hours by Camila


By Camila @camilagh_

When you live in NY, you need to recharge, that’s why we love to get out of the city when we have the chance. This time, we went to Spent the Weekend in Sag Harbor, one of the most beautiful town in The Hamptons.
The weather was lovely, not that cold, as is normally expected in NY by this time of the year in Autumn. On the way, we got to see the change of colors. 
We arrived to our friends house and spent the day cooking, reading books and playing with the leaves that were falling from the trees. It was the first time Luca realised that everything was different. Millions of yellow, pink and red leaves were in the grass and he couldn’t believe that all of them were just for him. I will never forget how happy he was!.

In the afternoon we drove to Montauk, to a place called ¨The walking Dunes¨. The mysterious Walking Dunes of Montauk, New York are a unique ecosystem with a mind of their own. Naturalists from all over the world come to this unique site to view and study these four parabolic sand dunes that move 3.5 inches every year. Since their origin approximately 100 years ago, these dunes have migrated over a mile with the help of daily winds and seasonal hurricanes. These fascinating land forms are something to see and will make you feel like you traveled to a different world.
It was such a beautiful experience to take Luca to this special place, he ran free through into the Dunes and felt an incredible connection with nature. 

We finish the day at our favorite coffee Shop in East Hampton, Carissa's the Bakery.
The next Day we drove back to the city, feeling recharged.