A concept where sustainable high quality childrens wear will be reused. Better for the environment, economy and reducing the CO2 footprint.

This is a great opportunity to make a statement in the (slow) fashion industry.

From memory I was six years old, and sitting at the dining table with my pencils, glue, scissors and a stack of magazines. All the other kids were biking or playing jump rope and I was surrounded by beautiful prints and all sorts of dresses. I wanted to design them in a way so they would fit my own models...  Many years later, I still love doing this, now in a slightly different way. When everything in my mind comes together as pictured it feels magical.

 Besides the magic the (fast) fashion also has it flaws, it is the 2nd most polluting industry. The textile production and consumption causes significant environmental, climate and social impacts by using resources like water, land, chemicals and landfills and I am part of this industry.

I am working on being different, and trying to make a difference. Repose AMS always aims to create and produce something meaningful, something with a story, something that last…

 R E L O V E D sprung up like a spring. All the garments are chosen for their uniqueness to ensure ‘a hand me down’ quality, with R E L O V E D we immediately lower our CO2 footprint, making us being part of a circular fashion move and we don’t have to stock these pieces of art in the attic waiting for their second or third round. 

We choose specific garments for their uniqueness but particularly because they are sustainable. I am still discovering new ways to have the clothes manufactured on a responsible way.

All I can say is that I love this new concept.

by Repose AMS

something with a story, something that last…


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