Repose AMS

Grounded in the heart of Amsterdam, Repose AMS was lovingly brought to life in 2014
by our inspiring founder and designer, In-Yeo. Kicking off her humble journey with a
perfected knitted baby blanket, In-Yeo tenaciously nurtured her brand into the vibrant
and stylish kids label it is today, 10 years later.

At Repose AMS, In-Yeo's resolute commitment to inclusivity and environmental
responsibility seeps into every piece of clothing artfully crafted. She never compromises
on the calibre of her fabrics and champions fair production, reaffirming our core ethos
that quality should never be sidelined for profit. Our brand steps lightly on our dear
Earth, leaving minimum footprints as we fervently work towards an encouraging,
greener future.

Our sustainable and ethically-made collections resonate with an air of grown-up finesse,
mixed with the uninhibited joy of childhood. Sophisticated and urban cool, with an
upbeat colour palette, they'll make you wish you were a kid again. But most importantly,
crafted with a world of love and care. We believe our creations are not just clothes, but
heirlooms your children will cherish, grow in, and pass on, encapsulating the timeless joy woven into every Repose AMS piece.

Our collections encourage children to explore different styles and combinations,
fostering creativity and self-expression. This freedom of choice can boost their
confidence and help them develop a sense of identity.

Minikin by Repose AMS

Repose AMS has launched two distinctive initiatives over the years. MINIKIN, the first,
mirrors our main collection, catering to the tiniest family members with the softest
fabrics tailored to their needs.


The second, R E L O V E D, revitalizes pre-loved children's clothing, promoting sustainable
fashion by reselling these high-quality items. This much-loved project underscores the
significance of mindful consumerism, reminding us that our purchases matter and that
each piece of clothing carries a narrative.

Through R E L O V E D, Repose AMS invites everyone to participate in this narrative, encouraging a journey towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Embracing change, we are also committed to creating cheerful, optimistic designs that
resonate with the ethos of the new age. In the spirit of contemporary times, where we all
belong and we all matter. Inspired by our urban settings with all the cultures in the
world. Everything can be fuel for our creativity. It’s a journey of co-creation and respect
for nature, of blending style with sustainability, and we're here for this beautiful
conscious ride. Our compact yet dedicated team is driven by this collective vision - a
toast to a hopeful future!