24 hours by Julieta

By Julieta @julietabenito

Sundays are typically family days for us. As we are all quite different in age and tastes, it is sometimes difficult to find plans that we can all enjoy together, but it is a challenge we are willing to accept and we usually have a great time. Berlin is getting cold and dark in November, so we opted to go to a museum today, especially since it was quite unpleasant to be outside.


We started the day at home with a slow morning, Cloe reading in the living room and Olivia and Dirk playing games. On weekends, we sometimes take a while to get ready and leave the house, but at some point we went out for waffles at a new restaurant nearby.


We stopped by our studio (theminimonoproject.com) to pick up and order. Since Dirk and I are freelancers and work together, it often happens that we have to squeeze in some work during family time.


After that, we head to the Hamburg Bahnhof to see the exhibition "Devouring Lovers" by Eva Fàbregas. We really love art and visit a lot of museums and art galleries, especially big colorful installations like this!