24 hours by Agustina


By Agustina @agus_per

Our home is in Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay, an easy and quiet place in South America. On the weekends and holidays, we spend a lot of time in La Barra, a beautiful beach town near our home. 

The neighborhood where we live feels like the countryside. Among the many things we have around here are lakes, a nursery garden, a nice 'huerta', and small parks where we meet friends and family. 

The past Saturday was a calm one. The mornings are always about fruits and eggs. Olis favourite is ''sandia'' and Cala is an avocado fanatic. After that, we took a walk through the nursery garden, or as we say in Spanish, 'vivero'. There was a beautiful flower growing on the water, and Cala wanted to go inside it as well. A few donuts were taken to eat. 

Back home dad wanted to go and bike with the girls. We put on helmets and comfortable clothes for them. After the bike ride, we jumped from bed to bed before dinner and bedtime. 

kids are wearing clothing from our SS24 collection "Hi, How are you!"