Easter DIY with Carolien

Easter DIY with Carolien

by Carolien @carolienboudoin

We are a family of four, Reinoud (dad), Carolien (mom, me) Ebbe Johan (7) and Meek Gerrit (4).

We did some Easter DIY after the kids got home from school. Paper chickens were made! 

It's so much fun to make them together or to make them as a gift.

You need the following:

  • brown paper bags
  • coloured paper
  • scissors
  • a stapler, glue
  • and maybe some markers are all you need

For the chicken, cut out the shapes (beak, eyes, comb), staple the shapes, and glue the eyes on. A square piece of paper was cut into many small strips, without cutting all the way to the edge, for the tail. Fold the edge together, so you have a fluffy tail, and staple it to the chicken.


You can fill the bags with candy or chocolate before closing them. The chicken bags can also be used for the egg hunt during Easter.

After the DIY, they ate some bunny chocolate and used the tubes to tell jokes to one another. They sure thought it was funny!

As the weather warmed up, Meek played soccer outside.
Dinner was next, followed by bedtime!