24 hours by Clara

We have asked her to capture 1 day #24hoursbyreposeams

Clara @clarainfante

We’re the Taylor family, we have three children: Eliot (4), Lenny (2), and Atlas (1). We’re spending the summer in our mountain home in the Spanish Pyrenees. 

Today is Sunday and on Sunday’s we make pancakes. We got up and got dressed, went out and picked some mulberries from a tree so we could have them with our breakfast. 
After making and eating our delicious pancakes, we went out. The weather can be pretty unpredictable up here and it had just started to pour down so we changed into our wellies and headed to the supermarket.
On our way home we stopped to have a picnic near a stream.  The parking area was really full… of horses, not cars! With our bellies and our hearts full, we headed home for a bath and an early night’s sleep.