24 hours by Dien

Meet Rosie, 3 years old. Daughter of Dien @diendewinter (mom) and Jan (dad). Together we live in the city centre of Haarlem, the Netherlands.

These 24 hours take place in September. At the end of it. Today is boat day. Probably the last warm and sunny day of this year. Boat days have been Rosie’s favorite, since she can say they’re her favorite. No surprise; she was born in water, her father was born on a boat, her grandparents live on a boat and I come from Texel, a Dutch island. Her middle name could be ‘water’. But it’s actually ‘Leentje’. And so is the name of our boat.


Once on the boat we start off with prepping, while Rosie takes her time to tidy her play corner and greet the boat mice. Rosie helps with the ropes and off we go. We sail out of the hustle and bustle of the city, into the space and quiet of a large lake nearby.

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Rosie knows exactly what this means: clothes off, swimwear on! While we’re still struggling with the anchor, she asks more often than we can answer: 'Can I go, can I go already?' Before we’re firmly attached to the bottom of the lake, she jumps into the water. Reassuring us: It's not cold! Moments later, we experience for ourselves that it's freakin’ cold. 


We swim, we laugh and I’m glowing with pride: our three-year-old lies splashing in a giant dark lake, with joy. We stay in the water until we look like three raisins, because we’re well aware, the water won’t be warm enough next time. Not even for Rosie ‘it’s not cold’ Leentje. Then we get out, eat snacks, put on something warm and lay on the deck till the sun sets, before we sail back to the city.

Boat days are the best days. Especially since they almost always, almost certainly, end up with fries.


 Rosie is waring our ribbed tee in the color Ultra Marine, the culotte pants in the color Exquisite Flower, a knit hat in the color Glory Orange and the cropped sweater in the color Ultra Marine. All from our current AW23 collection.