24 hours by Graciela

24 hour by Graciela 

We are Graciela (mum) and Oguz (dad), with our two boys Gabriel (12 years) & Kaya (7 years). Our home is a small village near the sea, an hour's drive from Amsterdam. 

We love having slow mornings when we don't have to go to school or work. Slow mornings at home are really great for us. It was a day like this today. Dad was the only one who had to go to work. We were just three that day.

Gabriel's bedroom was the scene of a pillow fight this morning. Nothing is quite as fun as a pillow fight if you ask them. If you wonder who won the pillow fight...it was Kaya!

When Kaya discovered a big red balloon in the living room, he decided to play with it after the pillow fight. 

We decided to go outside after our slow morning at home, since it was a sunny day. We took our bikes and took the ferry to the island Texel spontaneously, that's our style. Only thing is, we didn't get off the ferry or go to the island. This boat ride back and forth is already so much fun, so we stayed on the ferry!

The boat trip offers so much to see, such as other boats, seagulls, and the beautiful view of the sea. As the weather was so pleasant and sunny, we enjoyed the sun terraces on the saloon deck. A beautiful view of the Wadden Sea greeted the boys. 

As well as snacks, we brought some old bread to feed the seagulls. It never gets boring for the boys to do this. 

There aren't many bikes on the lower deck of the ferry on calm days. In these days, it is just a playground, and the boys did some great acrobatics. 

As soon as the ferry docked in Den Helder, we returned to our homes.