24 hours by Lili Martin

We have asked her to capture 1 day #24hoursbyreposeams

Lilli Martin @liliinthemoon

40 years old of age.

French photographer based in Scotland.

Mama of 3 ( Arthur 17, Zoé 15 and Cerise 7)

and step mum of 2 ( Thaïs 19, Innès 17)


On Fridays, it’s half day school and that Friday was pretty warm to walk around the city. It was sad to see all the shops closed. The town was empty with just few people enjoying the sun. But the Pancake shop in Princes Gardens was open!


Edinburgh is a very special city with a mystical atmosphere. Cerise loves to say that she can see or feel a lot of ghosts around. She’s probably right.

When you get to the top of Royal Miles and see the great Castle of Edinburgh, you can feel all the stories that happened there. It’s kind of magical.