24 hours by Michiko, Aohi and Fuu

We asked her to capture 1 day (24hours)

by Michiko @michikononaka

Michiko is my name, and I am a hair and makeup artist. Aohi is my 8-year-old son. (He will turn 9 on October 14th.)The name of my daughter is Fuu, and she is 6 years old.


Harajuku was our destination that day.
During our visit to Takeshita Street, we ate lots of delicious foods.
After that, we had a great time playing at Yoyogi Park.
Additionally, we ate sweets that we purchased on Takeshita Street.


Our day ended with the children making slime at home and talking a lot about what happened. This trip allowed me to see many children's happy smiles and spend a very happy day with them.