24 hours by Sheila


By Sheila @sheila.makes

We are a family of 5 + 2 kittens, based in the South of Spain, in Sevilla.
Sheila (mom, 39 years old) is the founder and creative director of a cosmetics concept store established in 2010. Mama to Gonzalo (11years) Adriana (9 years) and Alex (6 years)

Weekends are for exploring new artistic things and being together. The day begins with petting kittens, one of our favorite things to do :) It's a warm summer day in Seville, so we took advantage of the kitchen light to play and dance. While we walked around smelling orange blossoms, listening to people playing in the street, painting portraits, making ceramics, and listening to horses in carriages nearby, we caught a breath of fresh air and took in the ideas of the street. A couple of museums were visited, as well as our favorite and tiny cute bookstore. After sunset, we walked to the beach, but not before stopping for a bite at a roadside restaurant that is our magical place, even retro-style and listening to good music. 


 It was a wonderful day filled with ice cream and games, but the best part was that we talked nonstop all day, which always makes us happy.