24hours in Sicily with Lou, Lola & Jef

We asked her to capture 1 day (24hours)

by Valentine Raeman @valentineraeman



The village we stay in is near the sea and is close to Noto, a stunning baroque city in southern Sicily. This place is great in the summer because it's not crowded and still feels authentic.


The sound of Giacomo's little car driving around the streets and selling granita con brioche wakes us up every morning. It's impossible to resist this deliciousness, of course!


Following that, it's time for a first dip in the sea. We always visit the 'mala cala' near our house. Locals come here every day to swim. There are no beaches, only rocks to jump off of. Children snorkeling near rocks encountered little fish, big fish, rainbowfish, striped fish and little crabs.


As the weather is very hot, we try not to stay in the sun from noon till the late afternoon. So we go inside to eat, chill and the kids draw or write in their travel journal. 


After another dive in the sea, we go and explore our town. We all got a disposable camera to capture all the beautiful little things around us. The stray cats and dogs, deserted houses, the beach and all it’s treasures, the lava rocks and all the beautiful plants and flowers. After our big roadtrip, we can fill the journal with a lot of memories on film.


More travel in Sicily and Italy to come.