A ode to all beginnings by Ida Kakisina

For this story we ask new parents about the beginning of being a mom or dad which is a important time and can be life-changing.

The story of @idakakisina.

We had no idea what was in store for is. We moved in with my parents so we could invest more in ourselves, and then I found out we were pregnant with twins... Those new beginnings deserve all the attention they can get, and now all my babies are surrounded by our family. 

Don't fear those new beginnings, they will shape you, a new ´you´. New beginnings will open new paths, new ways to choose, to define yourself and if you can free yourself of having too many expectations, you will have the strength for all the humps and bumps on your way. 

Then suddenly you will find yourself, strong, balanced and in peace, back on your feet, and without doubt this is the right path for you.