Art by Agathe Berjaut for Repose AMS

My name is Agathe Berjaut. I’m a French ‘girl’ living in Oslo since 2003. I am also a 43 years old mum of two precious girls, Lou (11) and Adele (7). For as long as I can remember, drawing has been a part of my life. Life itself in all its colours has become a natural inspiration for me.

Where other write in their diaries, I draw my journal instead. I express a visual story by using a mix of techniques and sequences of pictures. It is my well kept secret garden. I decided a long time ago that this passion would not become my career; instead, it is what I do to keep sane, without pressure. I create when it feels right.

In my professional life I have been working creatively in fashion since 1998. I started out in Paris and nowadays I work here in Oslo, for a Norwegian brand. I have worked and trained for a wide variety of major companies throughout my career. These extensive experiences have given me a broadened creative mindset, complimenting my creative personality.