Easter activity

by Natalia Horinkova @nata.horinkova

A little activity you can do together with your little one to get in the Easter mood

Head band with bunny ears

What you need is the following:

Headband and a basket

Following items are required:

Cardboard or thicker paper, measuring tape, cutting knife, pencil, white paper, water paint, oil, brushes, glue

Start with

Measure your child's head size, once done you can cut it out by adding 2 or 3 cm.

Next step

We cut out 4 ears then will later become 2 by gluing them together with water colour paper in between



Your child can paint the paper by using the colours pink, oranges red and brown. Let it dry before applying a light layer of oil (we used olive oil) and let it dry again.

Add the 2 ears onto the paper by gluing it together. 


Once the ears are glued on you have an amazing headband.



We used some cardboard and basically eye measured what the inside of the basket should look like, you can decide if you want a small or larger one. 

We made shallow cuts so you can see where the basket will fold, this way it will fold easier. 

Cutting out strips and use them to weave the basket. You don't have to glue each bit, just the ends so they don't move.

For the handle we used 2 strips to make it more sturdy.


 And like that you are Easter ready.

Thank you so much Natalia ❤️