Books | In the spotlight: Donnie by Lisa Maschhaupt

In the spotlight: Donnie by Lisa Maschhaupt

Because it's Kinderboekenweek (children's book week) in the Netherlands this week we thought it would be nice to give some extra attention to the books we have available in our store and online. We selected the book 'Donnie' and asked the maker Lisa Maschhaupt; Could you describe why you think it's important that you made this book?

Author Lisa Maschhaupt;

"My hope is that Donnie will show children that not everyone's the same and that being different is allowed and can even be fun. Donnie is a children's book about a little boy who wants to wear a dress. Donnie is not gay, trans or straight. Donnie just wants to wear a dress. However, the book can be used to spark a valuable conversation with a child. What do you think about Donnie wanting to wear a dress? What is normal? Donnie has two mothers, which is also possible.  

Donnie was born some time ago when I interviewed a little boy for my Unboxed foundation, who indicated his disapproval of two boys kissing each other at that young age. His parents believed to be raising him with an open mind and heart, because that was in line with how they envisioned life. But in order to create this open mind, children should be actively introduced to different kinds of normal, since YouTube, school and many children's books tend to only pose a single standard. One that creates an unrealistic world view and labels everything that deviates as crazy. That is why I think it is important to tell children a broad story as much as possible.

Through exciting stories Donnie (a first book in a series of children's books) initiates conversations about diversity, inclusiveness and other relevant and contemporary topics."