November stories #behindthebrand

My story.

Growing up in a small town in Friesland, I started “designing” clothes at a very young age. From memory I was six years old, and sitting at the dining table with my pencils, glue, scissors and a stock of magazines.

All other kids were biking or playing jump rope, but I was surrounded by beautiful prints and all sorts of dresses. It’s what I loved doing most and as long as I can remember nothing else made me happier.

Receiving magazines from the old fashioned mail order companies by post was a beautiful experience itself for me, the smell of the paper, and the sheer number of displayed clothes, the colours, the models, the outfits it was all so fascinating for me, and I wanted to be part of this creative universe.

So studying at the Fashion Academy in Amsterdam came naturally. After 10 years of working as a designer for various companies, the time felt right to start my own label in 2014, and so Repose AMS was born.

In-Yeo Couperus

Founder & Creative director