Natalia and Cecilia

Let's meet Natalia Swarz 

Cecilia's mom (and no 2 on the way) and married to artist Armando Mesias.
She grew up in Cali, Colombia, where summer is endless and golden hours last for days. With a focus on living a slower and more mindful life, as outlined in her book "barefoot living", she now works across multiple disciplines within the worlds of travel, fashion, and lifestyle from Madrid.

In 2015 she launched HÔTEL WEEKEND, inspired by her globetrotting mother. Online destination for modern traveler's focused on traveling consciously and sharing the world's most beautiful destinations.

photography Framed by Mariló
and á point Agency

Natalia shared some favorites places in Madrid

Hôtel Weekend was born as an editorial curation of hotels and special stays around the world. I’ve been “slow traveling” for the past 10 years and this way of living has truly shaped my day to day. When it comes to the places I visit, the food I eat, and the brands I use, I like to be very conscious of what I'm doing. I love supporting small establishments and brands. Every place or brand I love has in common the fact that they have a soul, are unique and unforgettable in some way. These are some of my favorite spots in the city I currently live in with my small family! If you’re visiting, don’t forget to add a few museums as they are truly inspiring.


This is definitely my favourite spot. You’ll find me having lunch there at least twice a week. It’s so simple yet nourishing and wholesome, menu always changes so it makes it fun to go a few times a week. A place that feels like home. 


One of the few kid friendly (without it being a KIDS place) places in Madrid. All though in Aravaca, in the outskirts of Madrid, it’s worth it to pay a visit and stay all afternoon playing in the kids area and having a delicious meal.


For great coffee and delicious pastries. 

LOS 33

This place is for a dinner night out with friends and good music.


It is a super cute kids bookstore. I love collecting books! Especially kids books as it takes me back to my childhood. The curation is really good and you’ll never want to leave empty handed. 


This is a community garden in Embajadores where you can hang out and there are plenty of spaces for kids, including storytelling events, books and toys all around conscious gardening and Waldorf / Montessori inspired. The orchard is a work from all the neighbours that keep the place going. 


A Scandinavian inspired bakery. The morning bun is so simple yet to die for.