R E L O V E D x The Rocco Family


R E L O V E D by Repose AMS

Repose AMS, aims to create and produce something meaningful, something with a story, and something that last…Garments have been chosen for their uniqueness but particularly for their sustainability.  

With R E L O V E D we can offer your beloved children’s wear a new round of life. This creates circular fashion. More and more beautiful brands have designed, sourced and produced beautiful collections with the intention to be used and circulated responsible and effectively in society for as long as possible. Less clothing will be bought which will reduce our waste and landfill.

R E L O V E D is just one way for us to take responsibility.

In our journey of uncovering alternatives in this high-polluted industry, we came a cross people with inspirational and mindful consumption habits. Have a look into their lives and get inspired. 

R E L O V E D x The Rocco family 

PJ & Inge (and Rocco of course)

Inge and her husband love music, colours, nature and animals. They also like everything that is creative, fun and love collecting old and new items. They listen to music in old and new ways, from cassette tapes to streaming. 

Their house interior looks amazing, you can clearly see their style brought back into their house. Low budget and high-end design, vintage and recycled items. 

“We don’t dress to impress; we mix to express. Combining old with new”