R E L O V E D x Coco Sabajo

Coco @cocosabajo   
Based in Amsterdam  
30 years
Mama to Blake (5), Mei (3) and Liu (1)  
Sunday is our ultimate chill day; sleeping in, chill outfit, fluffy pancakes, a big walk and Ghibli movies. The kids would love it to be their "forever lifestyle". We are are loving, organised chaotic family🤣 being a family and together is our main priority.
I am a big supporter of buying reloved clothes, especially when having 3 kids, everything can be passed on, that way you make it circular. To live consciously should be more entwined into our daily lives. Everyone should be more aware to buy 2nd clothes and or pass items on. I am still trying to find the right balance for new and vintage items. I have learned lots over the last 5 years and mixed my experience into my personal life but there is always room to learn more. When you become a parent a whole new world opens up and by times it can be overwhelming.
Quality or quantity? Finding the right balance, and choosing wisely between the beautiful brands and shops. Plus what fits my budget as kids wear is expensive. Personally I do not like to throw away clothes, I always try to find a new home for them. 
Tips for second hand shopping:
Otis en de Wolf (Amsterdam – west) 
De nieuwe Woensdag winkel in Noord (Amsterdam)
Vind iets Vintage (instagram)
There are so many beautiful items, buy and look out for 2nd hand
Photography: @chloechante