R E L O V E D x Graciela Gauna

The reason for living more sustainable

Graciela Gauna

My mum made our clothes when growing up, the sowing machine was at the dinner table in our living room. My dad made wooden furniture for our house and customers. As a teenager I bought lots of 2nd hand clothing and started making my own clothes. Not in a sustainable way but to stand out from similar age peers.  When becoming a Mum, I started to live sustainable, I saw documentaries and became more knowledge about how polluting the fashion industry and livestock industry are. 

How do you create a sustainable wardrobe? 

Not buying clothes you don’t really need. This can be very difficult, as what do you really need. I always asked myself the question do I really need this when buying a new item? Sometimes an impossible decision. I don’t have lots of clothes but I feel comfortable with this. By rethinking each buy, most of my clothing pieces last for years. I try to buy and choose sustainable brands or even better, buying 2nd hand. My 2 boys Gabriel and Kaya do not have a big wardrobe. I dress Kaya in Gabriel his outgrown clothes. When choosing for good quality items, they last much longer, I really think about this when buying their items. When my youngest will be too big for his clothes,  I pass them on to friends for a next round. When possible I will have their clothes repaired, I do not bin them as some can easily be fixed. 

What is the biggest misconception regarding living sustainable? 

To pursue living sustainable is a process and that means you sometimes  make wrong choices. 

Who or what is inspiring to you regarding sustainability. 

My brother who is self-sufficient and sustainable in many ways, he grows his own veggies & fruits and has so much love for human and nature. 
I have so much love for platforms like R E L O V E D, platforms like this make life easier for others to make affordable and sustainable choices. 
Keep up the good work, ladies.