R E L O V E D x Roosmarijn Koster

The reason for living more sustainable

Roosmarijn Koster

I grew up in a very sustainable family, I have 1 sister and 4 brothers. My parents were self-sufficient, we always ate biological products and vegetarian. My Mom made all of our clothes so a pretty straight forward way of sustainable living. 

There was a time that I  was not interested in being sustainable, but now I am fully aware and working on being sustainable. 

Producing clothes is one of the most common environmental pollution, please check out some of my youtube videos, I want to inspire people to buy at 2nd hand shops, buy second hand clothes and other items so they can go from one home to another, also when not totally happy with the items bought you can return them so someone else can use them again. 


How do you create a sustainable wardrobe?  

Buying as much as you can in a 2nd hand shop. Off course not everything, as you also want to shop and have fun and buying new items, so do not restrict yourself or be too harsh on yourself. Being sustainable is also being high fashion when buying 2nd hand, as my new slogan says: 

You can be authentic and original when wearing items a few times and passing it on is less pollution for the environment. 

What is the biggest misconception regarding living sustainable? 

The activist attitude that is attached to it, once you have made some steps you are on a good path to be sustainable, you don’t need to go all the way, as for myself I mainly eat vegetarian, but a few times a year I love a good steak at Loetje or some "bitterballs" when having a few drinks. Being mainly vegetarian is already a good step forward. There are still a lot of misconceptions regarding 2nd clothes, as this does not have to be cheap, boring or basic. You can find some original and amazing items plus each item has a history which is also inspring.

Who or what is inspiring to you regarding sustainability?

Lots of amazing brand are trying to work sustainable as they show us that things need to change, Tesla for example and many other start-ups, I work with lots of them to create sustainable solutions, for example cleaning products. Most clothing brands are showing their efforts, they create items which are less distracting for the environment. Every one around me and the brands I work with are doing their bit, so much good things happening around me.

I follow the brands or inspring people one instagram as they are the example to be sustainable, I do not criticise others, my way of working is showing people over and over again how much fun it is to buy sustainable.

Being positive and showing how much fun it is to buy and shop 2nd hand is much more inspring then beging negative ❤️