R E L O V E D x Stefanie

‘Exploring opportunities’

Stefanie (42) @stefanie.gratz – photographer/educator
Wytze (43) @visualnotesnl  - visual consultant

Perky Dutch/ German family

Parents to Tomi (3) and Otis (9)

cats (Schimmi and Douala)

Wytze and I both work within the creative industry as a visual consultant and a photographer/educator respectively. We love the outdoors, museums, parks and playgrounds. We also love books (big children's book collection), animal friends and foodies. By Amsterdam standards our apartment has a decent size, which means 'tiny' if you're not Dutch! We have a spacious rooftop terrace to enjoy the view and do a bit of small scale veggie growing (incl. compost bin).

We aim for a circular approach. Sustainability is a goal for us to treat our planet and our surroundings with respect. Don’t prioritise yourself first but think about everyone else too. We inform about the best green and fair solutions and getting better when the years go by. 

You can see sustainability back in everything we do. How we act, what we eat (we buy products with a certificate) how we dress (biological products) and how we live. In our house you can see a eclectic mix of second hands, recycled and repaired/remodeled items. Like a wooden gym floor, fixed schnickschnack cups, sustainable cleaning products etc. When buying new items for our house, we love to go for second hand as we know this will be better for the environment than buying a brand new item. Our roof top is partly green, so we can grow our own veggies and we have a compost area (the other day I saw a sustainable horse riding school and I could take some horse poo for my pots and plants).

‘Please check all the possibilities to be sustainable and be informed. By taking little steps everyone can do it. Also be aware of what is sustainable as sometimes products or not as green as they are listed.’

RELOVED second hand kids clothing shopRELOVED second hand kids clothing shopRELOVED second hand kids clothing shop

Tips for nice second hand shops: 

De Oude Plank second hand floorings  

Schijf Restoric in Uithoorn: second hand door and staircases 

Odin biological groceries (co-op).  

Farmers market at the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam: every Saturday from 9-16  

Faire Oosten in A’dam East.

Greenwheels, SnappCar of MyWheels: Driving a car only when you need them.  


www.waschbaer.de: sustainable goodies

www.booklooker.de: second hands books

www.krumulus.com: new and antiquarian child books

reloved second hand sustainable kids clothingreloved second hand sustainable kids clothingreloved second hand sustainable kids clothingreloved second hand sustainable kids clothing