Silvias Christmas

Silvia Roses @silvia.roses

Mom to Román, Lucas and Simón
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, a magic time that I have always enjoyed, especially since becoming a mother myself.
I love preparing and creating days full of magic. It is a very special time of the year to give and receive, to see the illusion on the happy faces of your loved ones.
I clearly remember the Christmas moments of my childhood: the music, spending with my sister and cousins ​​... the joy that my grandparents and parents always put in and which I now see reflecting in myself.
My mother was always looking for special and different things to surprise us. We spent hours playing with the beautiful presents and spending time with the whole family. Without any doubt, I have inherited my passion for beautiful books, and a few generations collecting toys and other little wonders. 
I hope my children will always remember these moments of tradition and time spent with our family. My children’s hugs and their happy faces, I will treasure these memories forever.


pictures by Mariló Martin