some words from our founder In-Yeo

It’s time to daydream and go back in time, as it is our birthday.
A decade ago we embarked on our journey with a clear vision. To revolutionise children’s fashion by prioritising inclusivity and sustainability. Over the years, we have witnessed the industry’s evolution, experiencing both the highs and the lows of such a transformative endeavour. Our visionary founder, In-Yeo, is sharing a glimpse of her heartening essay...

‘As the Creative Director of Repose AMS, I've always been driven by a sense of creative freedom. I believe this freedom is the result of trusting my intuition, a gift that has often led me to surprises and breakthroughs in my work.’

Childhood dream

‘Living in these globally turbulent times, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. It sometimes affects my design process. However, I've found that by grounding myself in my childhood memories, I can maintain my focus and continue to drive my brand forward. As a six-year-old, I would sit at the dining table, surrounded by art supplies and magazines, dreaming of designing clothes for my models. Now, many years later, I still feel that same magic when I see my designs come to life in Repose AMS.

My brand is not just a business to me, it's also my platform and my child. It's the stage where I can direct my intuitive mission for the children's universe. I've always insisted on high quality in every aspect of my brand, especially when it comes to the fabrics I use. I never compromise on quality because I believe in creating designs that have a long life and can be enjoyed by many children in the sustainable circle.’


It's a philosophy I wholeheartedly embrace. When a garment can weather the playground, the schoolyard, and the countless adventures of a child's life, and still be passed on to the next child, that's the true testament of quality.

Quality, sustainability, longevity - these are the pillars that guide my work in children's fashion. They're the principles that shape my contribution to the inclusivity movement, helping to reshape societal norms and foster a more accepting future.

For this circle, I also introduced the concept of R E L O V E D to our brand, because I believe in making smart choices to help the environment. I strive to create beautiful pieces that can be shared and cherished, rather than contributing to the growing waste piles.

R E L O V E D is more than just a concept, it is a philosophy, a way of life. It echoes the mantra 'Buy less, choose well, make it last!', that resonates deeply within me. It is a call to action, a plea for mindful consumption, and a commitment to sustainable fashion.’


‘Living and working in Amsterdam, a metropolis rich in diversity and culture, provides me with endless inspiration. I find joy in the unexpected moments of inspiration in everyday life.

Sometimes, it's the unexpected encounters that leave the deepest impressions. A chance conversation with a stranger at a coffee shop, or a brief interaction with an interesting citizen on a bustling street. These fleeting moments, seemingly insignificant, often provide a fresh perspective and a new angle to approach my work.

Exploring upcoming areas is akin to embarking on a treasure hunt. Each neighbourhood, each street corner holds a promise of discovery. The vibrancy of the local culture, and the rhythm of daily life, all contribute to the mood and feel of my collection.

Personal engagements like dinners with friends, conversations with strangers, and encounters with intriguing individuals I bump into; the charm of emerging areas, concerts, films, culture, and art; a visit to the bookstore or delightful small shops—all these aspects of life in Amsterdam fill me with happiness and deeply influence my work. I thrive in this diverse community and seek to reflect this richness in my creations. A broad horizon is essential to capture the right vibe, the momentum, for a collection.

I'm often struck by words or a phrase, which then connect back to a feeling. This could be something I come across in a TV interview, in a newspaper or something someone says. I jot these down wherever I can, leading to a treasure trove of inspiration I stumble upon now and then. I enjoy dining out with my partner or meeting up with friends, but I also cherish solitude, cycling through Amsterdam with the sun on my face. I take pleasure in indulging in the finest cheeses, the most delicate pastries, or the freshest vervain. While I like to travel, I find it less appealing than before. I appreciate discovering other cultures, cuisines, and customs, but I also realise how content and happy I am in Amsterdam.’

My circle

‘Working in unison is a joy for me, the idea of solitary work doesn't appeal to me. However, there are moments when I need to retreat into quiet solitude to find my creative spark. This is only temporary, as my business requires my constant attention and doesn't permit long periods of isolation. Fortunately, I have a remarkable and devoted team ready to step in. They are always there for me, even on their days off, ready to discuss design elements like colour and fabric.

My team is my backbone, and without their unique contributions, I wouldn't be where I am today. As a creative, I'm not naturally inclined towards management, so I lean on their expertise and support throughout the design process. Their dedication, trust, and advice are invaluable to me. I consider myself fortunate to work alongside friends, family, and connections made through others.

In the vibrant world of fashion, I find myself continually inspired by the creative minds I have the privilege to collaborate with. Their unique perspectives and innovative ideas not only fuel my creativity but also make every moment on set a joyous experience. There's something magical about the synergy that happens when we're all in sync, each contributing our talents to the collective vision. For me, Repose AMS is more than just a job, it's an ongoing journey and a passion project.

Despite my grand ideals, I remain grounded and realistic, acknowledging the constraints of my budget and the size of my team. Just being in the now. Heading towards a hopeful and loving future.’

Happy bunch

‘Venturing into the children's clothing industry with limited prior experience and without being a parent myself might seem unorthodox, but it has been a journey filled with joy and learning. I've discovered a profound source of inspiration in collaborating with children; their authenticity and openness never fail to invigorate me during shoots. Observing their growth and genuine enjoyment brings me immense satisfaction.

I've come to prioritise the happiness of the children involved. If a child isn't enjoying themselves during our shoots, fittings and encounters, I no longer insist on their participation. Their well-being and enjoyment are paramount to me. The feedback from parents about their children's positive experiences, whether it's the delight they've experienced during shoots, the camaraderie with Arent (my partner’s little brother, who always adds a special touch to our sessions), the indulgence in sweets, or their anticipation of future shoots, is incredibly rewarding.

Above all, the genuine hugs from these cool ones hold profound significance for me. Their warmth, affection and authenticity remind me of the kid in me and why I'm passionate about my adventure.

As I reflect on my journey, I am humbled by the boundless joy the children bring into my life and the enduring sense of wonder they awaken within me. In every giggle and every hug, I rediscover the purest form of happiness, fuelling my passion to create a world where every child feels valued, cherished, and free to embrace the magic of their own imagination.’