The Bird by Repose AMS

The last couple of months have been very turbulent, and they are not over yet. We are all in the same situation and we are all coping with it on our own way. 

During these months everything fell into place for me, with previous collections I always had a message a story which I wanted to propagate, but with this collection it felt different, it was a feeling which I called "The Bird" and felt indefinable for a long time. When thinking of a bird I think of freedom as they see the world from above which calms me. 

With everything happening all over the world, (Black Lives Matter a very important subject to me) the pieces of The Bird collection fell into place. 

What does freedom actually mean? For me it has a new perspective. Lots of movement happening, listen to each other, tell your story, experiences, learn and respect one and other. 

Every day I am still learning new things and be openminded. 

What does freedom actually mean to you?