Words by Anna Pops about our first "soon to launch" capsule collection

This season we decided to do it a bit different...

We created a capsule collection which will be launched just before spring (end of March). The items from the capsules are going to be more suitable for the time of the season, as it always feels weird to drop summer shorts in freezing January. With this capsule collection we hope to create more awareness to sell the right products at the right time. For this we need our retailers who are supporting us and that’s why we asked them the question:

‘What’s the main reason why you bought this  capsule collection?’  

Meet Tina from Anna Pops, Belgium 

"I'm a big fan of this decision". I know, if you're first in a story of change it often costs you some money and a lot of time, but I do believe in the long term approach. We have to give ourselves and the consumers the time to get used to the new model or get to know it. "The customers who buy our products or your brand are patient, often buy because they want it and not because you are the cheapest or the first". I have already found out that our customers also regularly return to the store. Where I used to think, that they've been here already and what I'm going to do for the rest of the season. I think they visit us several times a season now, often because they know there's always something new to find.That new thing must indeed be something they need, shorts when the sun starts to shine for example.    I bought them because I believe in that second drop, that second teaser.