Forever Blanket love

My Repose AMS journey started 6 years ago with only a blanket, blanket no 1

I wanted to create a high quality, timeless multi functional knitted blanket that would last for many years.

Our blanket no 1 is made out of 100% Oeko tex certified lambswool, and blanket no 2 out of 100% Oeko tex certified merino wool.

I am a big fan of wool, it has lots of unique features which cannot be copied easily.

Wool fibers hold air because of the curled fibre which keeps a warm airflow. A newborn cannot regulate their own temperature, our blanket will keep them warm so they can use their energy to keep growing. It also takes in the moisture without feeling muggy and a high elasticity so the blanket shape stays as it is. All beautiful features that come from nature.

Wool ventilates and isolates, so the blankets can be used for infants in summer and winter periods.

I get messages from people that tell me that they still use their blanket which they bought many years ago, this makes me so grateful, happy and satisfied.

Create something that I believe in, something I like, something I am proud of, a philosophy I still believe in.