Books | In the spotlight: Kattenkwaad, De Broodfabriek by Noriko Kudoh

In the spotlight: "Kattenkwaad", De Broodfabriek

Because it's Kinderboekenweek (children's book week) in the Netherlands this week we thought it would be nice to give some extra attention to the books we have available in our store and online. We selected the book 'Kattenkwaad De Broodfabriek' and asked the founder of publisher Boycott, Rosa Bernhard: Could you describe what's your favorite book and why?

Publisher Rosa Bernhard; from Boycott

My favourite book is De Broodfabriek (The Bread Factory) from our series "Kattenkwaad". The series is originally Japanese and it's very popular there. And in my opinion it is not for nothing! The series follows a fixed pattern in which eight naughty cats are invariably in serious trouble. Then they have to make up for it.

The first book in the series is called "De broodfabriek" (The Bread Factor), in which the cats cause an explosion in a bread factory after sneaking in to bake their own bread.

What I like about this series - besides the fact that it's just very funny - is the story-telling through the illustrations. It's full of funny details like the caps the cats wear when they break in at night. The style of illustration is refined with soft colours, which makes the whole look cute. But besides that the cats do super naughty things. I personally find that combination hilarious.