From Selfie to Selfhood#4

From Selfie to Selfhood is a new Repose Ams serie from the heart. Where we talk about the meaning of Selfhood with people that move us. Does this age of the Selfie and shameless self promotion also mean we are diving more deeply into our own inside world? Is our Selfhood growing?

Meet the lovely Mariló @oliram12, who I had the pleasure of meeting twice, living in Barcelona and momma of 3 girls.

I couldn’t be who I am without one key person in my life, my Mother. I grew up believing that a life dedicated to others was the life I was supposed to have.  Sacrifice was a part of being a woman and mother. I started feeling guilty as I didn’t want to sacrifice myself in order to be a mother, I didn’t want to give up being myself in order to look after my children. 

I am always searching for balance between being myself and being a mother now that I have three children, the smallest one no longer a baby. I often need to stop, breathe deeply, look for and find myself. 

In short, I need to nourish myself, so that I can give the best of myself, to be the best example I can be, the best person I can be.  This is what I’ve tried to be since becoming a mother.