Where it all started


When I started with the brand I had no business plan, no idea what I was doing, but the main thing, a lot of love and passion for design, fabrics, colours and photography.

During this period I have learned so much, and the most valuable lesson has been listening to my gut feeling and staying true to myself, as a designer and business owner I received a lot of feedback which was very helpful but also overwhelming and at one stage last year I was wondering what am I doing?? Following my dream, but couldn’t fully enjoy it, as I was questioning myself.

I try to run my business in my own quiet way, the fashion industry works in a certain way and I am thinking about ways that I am comfortable with, step by step. Every few months you have to prove you’re still on top of your game, by being competitive and then there is the time pressure which can be overwhelming at stages. It can be very hard to create collections under time pressure and my own high expectations. I always aim for perfection, newness, and an honest process, but in reality things always go differently.

Besides that there is also the social responsibility and the footprint you are leaving behind. All things I take into account, that make me doubt what I am doing, making me rethink every decision, am I still on the right track, can I look myself in the eye when I look into the mirror.

Making Waves is about that