R E L O V E D x Jannicke

“We do what we like best” 

 Jannicke @demoedervanbooze 

 Based in Amsterdam 

 32 years 

 Mama to Meek (5) and Mint (3) and dog Booze

❤️ Minke 


When strolling through our neighbourhood in Amsterdam, I feel complete as a family. I am a stay at home Mum since the birth of Meek. Minke has his own company and works a lot. We do what we like best. 

 All though we have quite a traditional house hold, our lifestyle is the opposite. We life from day to day, no planning ahead and impulsive. But we are very structured when it comes to the kids.  

I am home a lot and I love our new house, as I have spend lots of time on the house styling and decorating it. Now, I miss inviting friends due to Covid-19. 

I haven’t been shopping for a while at a big brand, as I prefer to buy at the smaller good quality clothing brands which cost a bit more. Especially for the kids, as they only wear items for a short period of time. Good quality clothing stays beautiful for a next round. 

In the old days I was selling used clothes myself, but I noticed I forgot about them and never gotten around to sell them.  


R E L O V E D is just amazing, they make sure clothing will be used for a next round. The selected brands have the most beautiful items which need to be worn again. Plus this makes the more expensive brands payable.  

Tips for 2nd hands items:   

Ziggy & Lucy (The Pijp, Amsterdam)   

Shop Copito (instagram, Spain)   

Phii.co (instagram, nl)   

Thrift Store (especially toys and fabrics)!! 

Etsy en Peaches and Cream vintage (Australia) for vintage dungarees. The prettiest one is framed in Mints bedroom).    

Lino & moos