A glimpse into my world

Behind the scenes on set at ‘the City’, the new AW ’22 collection

‘Every morning when I cycle to my studio I will have a moment on the bridge, just around the corner. The view is one of my favourites. As it is different every single day. Light, weather and vibe. Only if you take time, wonder, observe and take it in. Just then, you will notice. These moments help me to create my collections, as it adds emotion, a positive feeling , and a sense of awareness about my surroundings. Incredible how such apparently normal things, can suddenly tug at the heartstrings.

conscious kids clothing

The same feeling is there, while realising how amazing it is to work with so many lovely people. A small steady crew, I work daily with.
On set, most of the times I have friends and family around, helping ‘a friend’ out and having a fun day. It warms my heart!


I also love to hire freelance creatives. Different teams. Changing between those teams keeps them sharp, but more importantly it’s keeping me sharp. They bring some unexpected visions, joy and they help me to create the images I have in my head, finally becoming reality. I really need them all. From the models and their parents, to the ‘makers and shakers’... It is a one big collaboration, where all the details come together and get it to the Repose-level.

Every season it’s a process, before a new collection will be launched. Something which can be so beautiful, but also some days..., it can be a bumpy ride. It’s not ‘just’ there. It’s hard work. And I thought, what if we show you, a glimpse, a moment on that specific timeline. To show you all the people who work on these productions. Would it make the circle round? I personally love to see backstage. It makes it real, not just ‘the stage’.


So, the moment on the bridge is a tiny daily meditation, which helps me to just take in the moment, feet on the ground and appreciating my ‘pack’ (squad/team/crew/the bunch) big time. I can’t create without them. We’re a team.
I see you all! Forever grateful!