Kokuyo steel letter tray 3 tiers

Kokuyo steel letter tray 3 tiers

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This Kokuyo Steel Letter Tray has 3 tiers and it has hinges so the trays can move. As such when you not need anything from the lower two tray, you can retract the form. The top tray has a paper presser on it. 

Measures 35 x 26 x 14,5 cm
Packaging measures 36 x 26,5 x 15,5 cm
Year of first production 1990
Made in Japan


The KOKUYO Group philosophy is to enrich the world through their products. They are constantly looking for ways to make people more creative through careful observation of their lives and work. By developing products that capture user needs and by offering suggestions on the use of such products, Kokuyo’s goal is to develop a more creative society.

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